Head My Call, Beast! Part 1 is the first volume of the 2017 Manga adaptation of Sorcerous Stabber Orphen.

Publisher Summary[edit | edit source]

With spell and sword in hand, the classic fantasy hero returns in an all-new manga series–just in time for his new anime!

He calls himself Orphen: a rogue sorcerer who turned his back on the Tower of Fangs, the powerful academy that trained him.

In those hallowed halls, a terrible curse fell upon his best friend Azalie, twisting her into a monstrous beast…and the teachers decided to simply cover it up.

Forsaking his studies and even his own name, Orphen now wanders the land searching for Azalie and a cure for what she has become. It won’t be easy–a quest brimming with adventure, spells, and swords awaits!

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