Map totokanta

Totokanta City, located in the south western part of the Kiesaruhima continent, it is one of the four largest cities on the continent.


It is a commercial city which helps sustain the capital city, although it is under control of the regional goverment the city has received autonomy from the King. There is a canal which flows through the center of the town leading south towards the cities port.


To the west lies the Aiden Moutain's, to the east lies a lake a large lake. North of the city lies another major city which is about two weeks drive by carriage.

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They are under the control of the municipal government and have a modest security service which keeps the city safe, except in the "Back Alley" part of the city where security is very poor.

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  • The city's clock tower is the tallest building in the City.
  • Orphen visited the town when he was 18 Years Old and lived there for two years in Majik's Father's Shop.
  • For some reason the town has had some restoration work done.