Majic Lin
Name Majic Lin
Alias none
Gender Male
Height 5'3"
Weight 112.4lbs
Race Human, Sorcerer
Blood Type AB
Status Alive
Majic Lin is the apprentice of Orphen, and the second-male lead. Majic deals with the torment from both Cleao and Orphen on their journey together to save Azalie. His father is paying Orphen to teach him, which at first seems a waste of money to his father. When Orphen repairs a glass that fell with his magic, before the father's eyes, the father's opinion about his money being "thrown out the window" disappears.

Majic appears to be a good student, learning as much as he can, and retaining all of what he learns, although his anxiety tends to get the better of him when it comes time to prove himself. Orphen seems to, however, have a lot of faith in him. This gives him courage, which makes his power stronger. Majic looks up to Orphen, and refers to him as "master" upon Orphen's request. All sorcerers call their "teachers", who teach them sorcery, "master." By the end of the novels, Majic has become a famous, world-renowned sorcerer



Rogue Journey

Original continent pioneer era

New Series



Black magic Edit


  • Father: Bagup
  • Mother:

Associated PeopleEdit

  • Orphen - Teacher, Boss, Friend
  • Isabella - teacher
  • Cleao Everlasting - childhood friend

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