Leticia is Orphen's other foster sister and childhood friend as well as one of his classmates at the Tower, though she is five years older than Orphen. She, Orphen, and Azalie grew up together in an orphanage in Raindust before they were taken in by the Tower of Fangs. She has an intense rivalry with Azalie, in spite of the fact that they are cousins, and are often depicted as fighting in the novels. Leticia is considered to be the second most powerful sorcerer of Childman's students besides Azalie and has a fearsome reputation similar to her cousin's. Her most notable strength is the gift of vocal manipulation, which earned her the nickname "The Scream of Death" while in her studies at the Tower. Later, she is made the Inquisitor of the Tower of Fang and seems to hint at being in love with Orphen. Orphen shortens her name to Tish in most cases. She appears in volumes five and six of the manga and is seen throughout nearly all of the original set of novels. At Claiomh's behest, she becomes the heiress's master in the art of sorcery.

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