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Ghost from the Past (過去の亡霊, Kako no Bōrei) is the ninth episode of Sorcerous Stabber Orphen.


Leticia and Orphen try to figure out who the assassin actually is. Is Orphen who he thinks he is, or is the assassin calling himself Krylancelo his true self?

Plot Details[]

Leticia meets with Forte and reveals Krylancelo's doppelganger is the assassin. They have little hope of defeating someone with as much power as Childman expected Orphen to grow and have. Meanwhile, Orphen demands his double's identity but he only reveals he's the successor of the Razor's Edge. After claiming to be Orphen's potential realized, the double disappears.

Orphen believes it could be Azalie using his face to get her years back. Leticia returns home the next day with company and introduces them to Orphen. They recall their time training at the Tower of Fangs and how they competed to become successor to the Razor's Edge. That evening, Orphen delivers a message from Comicorn, who is recently deceased.

They surmise the Tower of Fangs was targeted because they're weak. This is mainly due to Childman's disappearance. Orphen reveals that he left because he couldn't become a killer, couldn't become the Razor's Edge. At the same time, Cleao fools around with Dortin and Volcan until they happen upon a Dragon's Faith group. Suddenly, the assassin reveals himself among the group and incapacitates Cleao and Leki.

Leitcia asks Orphen to explain what's happening but Majic interrupts to reveal the assassin kidnapped Cleao. Orphen leaves to deal with it and Majic wants to come, much to Orphen's annoyance. He explains the side of him that Majic had no clue about and proposes the idea that he could be the imposter. Orphen leaves to confront his other self and prove who's the true Krylancelo.


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