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An Unexpected Assassin (唐突の暗殺者, Tōtotsu no Ansatsusha) is the eighth episode of Sorcerous Stabber Orphen.


An assassin is killing one elder after another. Forte and Leticia try to find out who's behind the murders. Meanwhile, the assassin shows himself before Orphen and he's shocked to see that they have the same face as him.

Plot Details[]

Orphen, Cleao, and Majic get within a days journey of Tafrem, where the Tower of Fangs is located. Little do they know, in the capital, an assassin is killing black sorcerers prepared to drown the city in blood. The council meets to discuss how five elders have been killed and how they plan to fight back.

Forte meets with Leticia, where she discovers what happened to Azalie. He tells her that he's been tasked with finding the assassins who've been killing elders. Childman disappeared after meeting with Krylancelo and they believe he could be the culprit. Leticia doesn't believe it but Forte appears convinced.

An accident between Cleao and Majic ends up getting their group in trouble with the rangers. One of them meets with Orphen and decides not to hand him over to the church since he owes the Tower of Fangs a favor. Suddenly, the ranger is killed and a message is left to Orphen asking who the successor is. Shortly after, they're group is attacked with fire sorcery coming from one of these assassins.

Orphen and the sorcerer come to blows, and it turns out the assassin is too powerful. Cleao begs Leki for help. The deep dragon pup uses magic to attack the assassin. He withstands it and nearly counterattacks but Leticia suddenly arrives to intervene. The assassin reveals his face and he has young Kyrlancelo's exact appears and spells. Leticia and Orphen both doesn't understand whats happening.

Leticia bring back Orphen's group back to Tafrem. She explains the assassination situation going on in the city. Normally elders have homes in the city but now they're all hiding in the city. The elders meet again, worried about losing 5 members in two weeks. They suggest the Kimluck Church could be behind it.

Hartia was sent out by Forte to scout out Childman's situation. He reports back his finding and surmises Orphen must be behind it. Leticia takes them to her home where they both explain their origins at the tower to Cleao and Majic. That evening, Leticia leaves to confront Forte and help clear Orphen's name. She expresses how happy she is that he's back, but Orphen says he wont be staying, upsetting her. After she leaves Orphen feels guilty about not revealing the truth about Azalie.

Suddenly, the other Krylancelo suddenly appears to confront his doppelgänger again.



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