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Gather In My Forest, Wolves (我が森に集え狼, Waga mori ni tsudoe ōkami) is the seventh episode of Sorcerous Stabber Orphen.


Orphen tries to stop MacDougal from going into the Dragon's sanctuary. The Deep Dragon attacks the village for attempting to go into the into their heart of Fenrir Forest and Orphen tries to save the villagers.

Plot Details[]

Orphen strikes a deal with Salua to stop MacDougal. At the same time, Majic meets with Fiena in her tower. She's convinced by Orphen that he can save everyone. Orphen and Salua confront MacDougal together, but the former threatens to sell out the latter. Orphen incapacitates Salua and engages with MacDougal. MacDougal misses all his shots and allows Orphen to counterattack. The chief attempts to shoot again but his gun explodes and he's mortally injured.

With his last words, MacDougal explains he left the church because he saw something horrible. Meanwhile, Cleao attempts to convince the rangers to help but they're still to afraid. They happen upon a Deep Dragon pup, further scaring the rangers. The villagers call to Fiena for guidance but Orphen tells them to find their path on their own.

Irate, the mob of villagers chases the sorcerer. Fiena decides she must do something and receives a message from the Deep Dragon. The village must be punished and the Deep Dragon says Fiena must leave without delay if she wishes to survive. While fleeing from the villagers, Orphen runs into Majic and they're cornered until they combine their magic to teleport away.

Salua attempts to get Fiena and flee the village but she's determined to save the village. Orphen and Majic are only able to move ten meters and get cornered again. Suddenly, Deep Dragon appears to punish those conspiring to infiltrate the sanctuary of the deep dragon. The beast murders many of the villagers as punishment. Orphen attempts to hit it with all he's got but its of no use.

Orphen attempts to use the pup as leverage to get the Deep Dragon to stop. However, the Deep Dragon can revive the dead. He did so to Fiena and used her to spy on the villagers. The Deep Dragon discovered MacDougal's plan and now he'll destroy the village. Oprhen tries to resist but the Deep Dragon hits him with another mental attack.

Orphen figures out the Deep Dragon's weakness doesn't allow it to use sorcery on what it can't see. He uses Majic's sorcery to hide their presence by refracting light. Then Orphen injures Deep Dragon by exploding the gun with fire magic. Deep Dragon is injured and able to defeat Orphen, but decides not to because of its pact with Childman.

Fiena suddenly appears to stop Deep Dragon despite its misgiving. With her power they're able to stop it from conspiring to destroy the village. Following the incident, Majic says goodbye to Fiena, who plans on rebuilding the village. The trio heads back out toward their original destination with another passenger on board, the deep dragon pup Cleao names Leki.



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