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The Ruins of Baltanders (バルトアンデルスの遺跡, Barutoanderusu no Iseki) is the seventh episode of Sorcerous Stabber Orphen.

Plot Details[]

Orphen has a nightmare, flashing back to the night that Azalie used the Sword of Baltanders on herself and transformed into the Bloody August. The next day, Orphen, Majic, and Cleao stop by a port city in search of a boat to visit the Ruins of Baltanders. They are warned about the creature living on the island, which they assume to be the Bloody August. While sailing to the ruins, they encounter Volkan and Dortin with the sword in tow.

After arriving at the ruins, Orphen finally reveals his reason for going to the ruins: his and Azalie's "trump card," the Bracelet of Nozafromis. He recounts his previous visit to the ruins with Azalie six years ago, his first job as her assistant. They find the Sword of Baltanders and the bracelet, and Azalie briefly suggests taking the bracelet for themselves, saying that it would only be used in experiments if they took it back to the Tower. She then hides the bracelet in the base of the statue that previously held the artifacts, telling Krylancelo "it may save someone close to you or me." Before they leave, Azalie examines the Sword of Baltanders and accidentally activates it. She drops it in surprise, unwittingly cutting a mouse living in the ruins. It transforms in front of them, struck with awe by its power.

The Bloody August appears at the ruins

Back in the present, Orphen removes the bracelet from its hiding place and reveals his plan to bind Azalie with the aid of the bracelet. The transformed mouse appears before them, now having grown to a monsterous size like Azalie. Orphen recognizes the creature, and after drawing it outside the ruins, uses the opportunity to test the bracelet's amplification ability with a binding spell. The spell succeeds, but the Bloody August appears shortly afterwards and destroys the bound creature. Orphen uses the binding spell again on Azalie, but it fails to restrain her and she flies off. The bracelet falls off his wrist as he laments his failure.






  • Sword of Light
  • Sleep of Atonement

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