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Forest Maiden (≪森≫の巫女, "Mori" no Miko) is the sixth episode of Sorcerous Stabber Orphen.


After Orphen is attacked by the Deep Dragon, he wakes up in a cell unsure of where he is or who he is for a moment. Fiena appears before him, and offers to heal his wounds and eventually, his memories return.

Plot Details[]

Orphen is left in a catatonic state after being attacked by Deep Dragon. Fiena apologizes for doing so in a plain within his mind. She restores him and asks that he not defy MacDougal. Orphen wakes up in a cell and is confronted by Salua and MacDougal. They realize he is from the Tower of Fangs and plan to interrogate him.

After leaving, Salua finds Fiena and tells her to appear more confident about getting rid of sorcerers. Fiena then visits Majic and explains her role as the Priestess. She used the forst's power to heal Majic's wounds. MacDougal finds them laughing and reminds the girl of her duty. He was the one who found her originally and brought her to the forest. They nearly come to blows when Majic tries to defend the girl but Fiena uses the forest's power to stop MacDougal.

Majic and Fiena leave together to find Orphen. He tries to pin the situation on Orphen but he can tell Majic is just carrying to impress te girl. Orphen thanks Fiena for healing him and figures she can use sorcery beyond the level of a normal human. Majic slowly takes apart Orphen's jail cell while he confronts Volcan and Dortin for creating this mess. Salua comes down to find them and attacks Orphen. After a brief scuffle, Salua reveals he know Krylancelo's real name.

Cleao brings rangers to the Village of the Dragon Faith but they're too scared to act. As the Deep Dragon watches from a distance, Cleao heads inside. Salua Solude, a Death Instructor, reveals his glass sword and all the info he has on Krylancelo. He a member of the Kimluck Church's elite team of assassins: the Death Instructors. Cleao suddenly interrupts and knocks Salua out cold.

Fiena regroups with them and asks that they all escape. She reveals that MacDougal left the Kimluck Church to become the Chief of the Village. Fiena was brought there to deal with the Deep Dragon. He's a hero to the people of the village but Salua was sent to kill the deserter. MacDougal used firearms to counter the sorcerers but desires a more powerful weapon. He plans on going to the heart of the forest, which will likely result in the destruction of the village.

Fiena asks them to leave her behind as if it was her destiny, but Orphen refuses to leave everyone to their fate.



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