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Deep Dragon (ディープ・ドラゴン, Dīpu・Doragon) is the fifth episode of Sorcerous Stabber Orphen.


Orphen,Cleao, and Majic try to get through Fenrir's Forest to get to Tafrem. However, Majic ends up lost in the forest and runs into a mysterious girl.

Plot Details[]

Fiena the Priestess and a Deep Dragon.

Orphen, Cleao, and Majic reach Fenrir Forest. They must go all the way through to reach their destination in Tafrem. Majic hopes they can find some kind of magical lifeform but Cleao is simply afraid. Unbeknownst to them, deep within the forest lies a Deep Dragon. Majic spies on Cleao as she bathes using sorcery. Annoyed, Orphen catches him in the act and Cleao notices both of them.

Orphen noticed that Majic has grasped sorcery without any training in less than two weeks. He's surprised, and surmises Majic may be able to become a sorcerer in less than a year. The trio continues on their carriage ride and discuss Majic's development. He wants to know about Tafrem but Orphen says his aspirations of being a sorcerer and exploring magical places isn't worth it.

Orphen, Majic, and Cleao make camp in Fenrir Forest.

Orphen steers the carriage off the road to try and avoid a ranger station. If sorcerers are spotted in the forest, the rangers will report it to the Kimluck Church. Their organization is powerful and almost as influential as the royal family. They're in charge of guarding the forest and are known for being in conflict with sorcerers.

Meanwhile, a Priestess named Fiena meets with Deep Dragon. The trio makes camp at night and Majic goes off to find more food. He uses sorcery to repel a predator and he gets noticed by Fiena. She surmises that he's an apprentice sorcerer and asks him to leave the forest and return to his master. Fiena explains that she's compelled by the power of the forest and claims Majic and his allies are in danger here.

Fiena warns Majic that sorcerers are not welcome in the forest..

Fiena explains that she can't bring outsiders into the village and repeats that they're in danger. They found and confronted by villagers ready to punish Majic for trespassing. He asks if they're with Kimluck but they deny this. Fiena asks them to leave Majic alone but apparently the villagers are already on their way to attack Orphen as well.

They attack Orphen's camp and take Cleao by surprise. Majic attempts to escape with Fiena but ends up getting shot by McDougal. At the same time, Orphen manages to save Cleao from danger and escapes from the villagers. Volcan and Dortin have also been captured by the villagers. Orphen and Cleao arrive shortly after escaping danger. They track their way to the main village where Orphen realizes these people are worshippers of the Dragon Faith.

The origin of dragons and sorcery.

In this country their are two main religions. Those who worship the three weird sisters: the Kimluck Church, and those who worship dragons: the Dragon Faith. Traditional dragons with wings like the ones on the Tower of Fang's necklaces don't actually exist in this world. "Dragon" is a term that reffers to creatures that can use sorcery, not including human sorcerers. In the age magic, sorcery was a power only gods could wield. That is until six magical beast races were able to adapt that power. These creatures would be known as dragons. The most intelligent of the six were the Nonir, a female race of humanoid weird-dragons also known as celestials. They had to breed with humans in order to reproduce. Their descendants are now known as sorcerers.

Deep Dragon confronts Orphen.

Orphen explains the aforementioned origin of sorcery to Cleao. He adds that Celestials believed sorcery was stolen for them by humans. They convinced the non-sorcerers to worship the dragons and turned them against the sorcerers. What ensued was a conflict known as the Sorcerer Hunts, which continued for centuries until all celestials other than the immortal original sorcerers known as the Aureors, disappeared from the world. Following this exposition, Oprhen and Cleao enter the village.

Suddenly, a pillar of sorcerer detonates and a Deep Dragon appears. The villagers come to worship it and Orphen tells Cleao to go back to the ranger station and warn them about the Deep Dragon. Shortly after she leaves, Orphen is caught by McDougal. The man points a gun at Oprhen, which has been outlawed by the royal family. He escapes the line of fire and nearly gets away, but Orphen is suddenly attacked by the Deep Dragon.



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