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The Chaos Witch and the Successor of the Razor's Edge (天魔の魔女と鋼の後継, Tenma no Majo to Hagane no Koukei) is the fourth episode of Sorcerous Stabber Orphen.


Orphen recalls his time with Azalie while growing up as sorcerers studying at the Tower of Fangs. Azalie was the best but she was always trouble, something that irritated Krylancelo. Even so they remained as close as blood related siblings. Back in the present, Orphen finds two stowaways on his journey.

Plot Details[]

At the Tower of Fangs, Azalie was always recognized as the strongest student. The girl Krylancelo proudly called his sister. She defeats him and training and wants to keep going, but Leticia keeps them in line while Childman is out. In addition to being a strong fight, Azalie was a troublesome student. Tish takes charge of keeping all of the students in line, including Comicron and Hartia.

Comicron brings Krylancelo and Hartia to help deal with one of his rampaging androids. It apparently activated on its own and can't be stop, defeating several students along the way. Hartia attempts to take it out but it deflects his spell. Krylancelo manages to bind it, allwoing Tish to land the finishing blow. naturally, she berates the boys and demands an explanation. Comicron ignores her and congratulates Krylancelo. Azalie watches from a distance.

The next day, Azalie brings Krylancelo into town. She makes him remember today is the day to visit the graves of rain dust. The town was taken over by bandits and mostly abandoned. They pass by their old orphanage and recall their time as small children growing up together there. They were both treated especially well because they were rare sorcerer kids. While Azalie remembers arriving at the orphanage, Krylancelo only remembers the day Azalie left for the Tower of Fangs.

Krylancelo and Azalie arrive at the graveyard to pay their respects. Azalie suddenly disappears and Krylancelo goes off to search for her. This leads him to an abandoned house where encounters a ghost like figure. While investigating deeper into the house, he finds Azalie's severed head. He ends up confronted by some kind of mystical creature attempting to take them both out. He uses an ultimate spell that destroys the entire house. However, Azalie was controlling the being the entire time. She's actually impressed by how strong Krylancelo is.

Azalie reveals it was her to Krylancelo, irritating him. Annoyed, he realizes that she's behind Comicron's android as well. While he's berating her, Azalie, she thanks him for worrying about her. Orphen's flashback ends as he's riding in a carriage with Majic and Cleao. He also thinks back to Azalie's betrayal and Childman's sacrifice.

Cleao and Majic snuck aboard without Orphen's permission. He's forced to babysit them against his will despite going on a dangerous journey. Apparently Majic and Cleao went to school together, surprising Orphen that they knew eachother. Now they're headed to Tafron, the home of the Tower of Fangs. First, they must pass through Fenrir's forest.



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