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Sleep in Our Flower Garden, Beast (我が花園に眠れ魔物, Wa ga Hanazono ni Memure Mamono) is the fourth episode of Sorcerous Stabber Orphen.

Plot Details[]

It has been a week since Orphen began his journey. Cleao is disappointed with how boring the trip is and suggests they climb Mount Kahlna. Orphen refuses and decides to join Majic to watch a solar eclipse. Cleao falls in a puddle and decides to wash in a nearby spring where she catches Majic peeping on her.

Everyone explores Mt. Kahlna without Orphen.

At dinner, Cleao continues to complain and Majic asks about the Mountain. Orphen explains that Mount Kahlna is a mountain of darkness, but whoever can defeat the beasts there will receive the "Golden Blessing". However, Orphen refuses to go and his two underlings ditch him in the morning.

Meanwhile, Volcan and Dortin climb the same mountain searching for the Golden Blessing. The boys encounter Majic and Clleao, where the young girl takes back her family keepsake, the Sword of Baltanders. However, when Majic suggests that she return home with it, she leaves the sword in Volcan's care.

A mechanical mannequin attacks!

Together, the four of them search the mountain for monsters but are spooked by simple bats. Eventually, they happen upon castle ruins where Volcan deduces the Golden Blessing must be at. The foursome moves to explore the beautiful scenery but get interrupted when Majic is suddenly attacked by large mechanical monsters.

The apprentice sorcerer blasts the monster and appears to defeat it. They keep moving but the machine gets back up and stalks them with more anger than before. Majic is unable to replicate the same spell, and the group is forced to retreat inside the castle.

The Golden Blessing.

Orphen searches the mountain and encounters another one of these machines. He understands their purpose and puts one to rest by giving it an unbudded flower. Back at the castle ruins, Majic leads the groupt through the road to avoid the garden. However, the mannequin chases them anyway after Volcan angers it.

Orphen arrives to save them in time. He takes another unbudded flower from Cleao's hair and returns it to the kind mannequin. Volcan accidentally breaks open the damn and sends water toward the garden. Orphen uses his magic to protect the garden and is allowed to relax their in order to explain everything.

The gardens of Mount Kahlna were created by a powerful ancient sorcerer, the castle's owner. He ordered the mechanical mannequins to protect his garden long after he left. The annular eclipse begins and all the flowers bud and release their light, the Golden Blessing. The leave the next morning where Cleao takes back what she said about their boring journey.



  • Mount Kahlna


  • Intense Light
  • Sword of Light
  • Silence of Angels
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