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Friends, Come Together on Our Journey (我が旅立ちに集え仲間達, Wa Ga Tabidachi ni Tsudoe Nakama-tachi) is the third episode of Sorcerous Stabber Orphen.

Plot Details[]

The Bloody August has taken both Cleao and Mariabelle hostage. Their mother pleads for her daughters back and asks why the monster came even though she relinquished the sword. Orphen reads a message left behind by the monster written in sorcerer code. Bloody August wants to trade both the girls for the Sword of Baltanders.

Volcan and Dortin decide to save the girls.

After Orphen and Majic return to Bagup's Inn, Letitia continues grieving until Volcana and Dortin come to her aid. Cleao and Mariabelle awaken in an undisclosed location. The monster is nowhere to be found, giving Cleao the opportunity to find a way out. She forces her way through the doors and finds out they're being kept at the place where she first saw Orphen.

Orphen prepares to leave first thing in the morning, but Majic reminds him that he must teach him magic. Orphen claims he would never break a promise and asks a favor of his apprentice. Hartia has been following Orphen for a while, so Orphen uses Majic to get the sorcerer off his tail before heading into the mountains.

Orphen rescues the sisters from Bloody August.

Volcan and Dortin try climbing the mountain in search of the beast. Volcan believes they can get reward money for saving the daughters but they plummet from the climb before long. Meanwhile, Childman arrives at the mansion to read the coded message from Bloody August. Volcan and Dortin continue their search and happen upon Cleao and Mariabelle trying to climb a large castle tower.

The sisters reach the top to no avail, as the Bloody August makes its return. Before both girls fall off the tower, Volcan arrives to save them. However, Blood August crushes the tower and sends everyone crashing down. Orphen arrives in time to save the girls from certain doom. He sends them both away to safety and confronts Azalie himself.

Majic and Cleao join Orphen on his journey.

Orphen throws the sword to distract the beast before binding it in ice using magic. A magic attack appears from nowhere and threatens Azalie. Orphen calls out his rival sorcerers, Childman and Hartia.

Bloody August escapes from its icy prison and sets its sights back on the sword. The monster tries to use the sword to destroy itself, but Orphen claims its power can't be drawn out fully yet. Irate, the deformed dragon retreats into the sky and leaves the sword behind. Childman and Hartia leave the area to rework their strategy after the conflict comes to an end.

The next day, Orphen gets Bagup's blessing to take Majic along on his journey. Cleao joins them as well under the guise that she must regain the sword, which was taken by Volcan and Dortin.



  • Totokanta


  • Sword of Light
  • Sleep of Atonement
  • Armor of Ice
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