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Make My Past Disappear, Assassin (ウオール教室, Waga kako wo kese ansatsusha) is the tenth episode of Sorcerous Stabber Orphen.


Cleao is kidnapped by the assassin calling himself Krylancelo. Orphen must confront his past and settle this once an for all to save Cleao.

Plot Details[]

After Orphen leaves, Majic learns about the Childman Class. Tifis tells Majic that Childman recruited orphans to become black sorcerers. Krylancelo was the strongest among them. He attempted to leave the tower and attacked a sorcerer who was sent to follow him, leaving them for dead. Tifis believes he was rejected by the apostles and forced to cut ties with the tower in repentance after this incident, but Majic refuses to believe it.

Leticia joins them shortly and decides to join Majic in following Orphen. Orphen goes to Childman's house and finds his double inside. He demands Cleao and Leki back but the double refuses. The doppelganger figures Oprhen might know who he is and they engage in a battle of sorcerer. After an exchange, Orphen reveals that he knows Azalie wanted this person to fight him to confront his past. However, this person has heir own reason to fight.

This person wants to keep Oprhen from Azalie, who wants him back. Determined to keep Azalie for himself, the fake Krylancelo engages in another exchange until their forced to settle it with hand to hand combat. The disturbance makes the local authorities come to the house but Leticia and Majic arrive in time to intervene.

The double reveals Azalie and Childman were looking into the Killing Dolls, humanoid weapons powered with Nonir runes. They are the legacy of the celestials. He is one of these beings, transformed into a younger, stronger Krylancelo by Azalie. The doppelganger reveals the Sword of Baltanders but Orphen defeats the double with Childman's special technique.

As Leticia and Majic approach, Oprhen checks on Cleao. However, the doll survives and states he's going to win a fight on even terms. After a powerful sorcery struggle, a giant explosion concludes the fight with the doll's demise. Majic and Leticia find the Killing Doll dismembered and Orphen victorious, but injured.

Suddenly, Azalie appears to confirm she is the one behind all of this. She knows that he's the only one who can defeat her and wants to convince him to join her. She disappears and Orphen passes out shortly before Majic and Leticia arrive.



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