Cleao Everlasting (クリーオウ・エバーラスティン Kurīou Ebārasutin) is the youngest daughter of the Everlasting Family and one of the main characters of the Sorcerous Stabber Orphen series.



Cleao is a teenage girl with fair skin, long blonde hair and pale blue eyes. She has disheveled bangs with two signature twirls of hair on each side of her head.

Cleao has several different attires. In the 1998 anime series, she wore a long blue dress and brown shoes. In the remake anime, she is fire seen wearing an orange dress.


Cleao is a carefree girl who has been sheltered from much of the world most of her life. She enjoys the company of others outside of her family, even if they're around for less than desirable reasons. She enjoys teasing others and never likes to admit when she's wrong, making for a clash of personalities with Orphen.

Cleao appears to desire to travel the world and leave her sheltered life behind. She also looks up to Orphen and respects him although she treats him like a nuisance more often than not.

Initially, Cleao can come off as bratty and never likes to admit when she's wrong. However, Cleao is a very brave and kind girl with an unusual interest in sorcery. Rather than fear her family's connection to the mystical arts, Cleao embraces it wielding the Sword of Baltanders as her weapon of choice.





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