Cleao Everlasting
Cleao touching the side of her face.
Name Cleao Everlasting
Alias none
Gender Female
Height 5'1"
Weight 97lbs
Race Human
Blood Type A
Status Alive
Cleao Everlasting (クリーオウ・エバーラスティン Kurīou Ebārasutin?)
  • Voiced by: Mayumi Iizuka (Japanese), Shelly Callene-Black(English)
She is the tomboyish, feisty main female lead. Her father had bought the Sword of Balthanders for her as a gift for her fifteenth birthday shortly before he died. She accompanies Orphen on his journey, allowing him to hold on to the sword as long as he doesn't object to her tagging along. As the sword was a gift to her from her now-deceased father, she claims that she is only coming to ensure that she gets it back. She and Orphen fight quite a bit - mainly silly, funny fights. But having had a crush on him previously, from afar, as the series goes on, she finds her feelings for him grow into something more genuine. Orphen gradually becomes attached to Cleao, eventually viewing her as the person most important to him by the conclusion of the novels and manga, though it is debatable if he ever tells her as much. By the end of the novels, she and Orphen have a daughter called Ratsbane .