Childman Powderfield is a master sorcerer at the Tower of Fang and he is repeatedly referred to as the most powerful sorcerer on the continent. He took in Azalie Cait and Krylancelo as children and raised them along with Hartia as his apprentices. After Childman rejects the advances of Azalie, she became obsessed with growing powerful and turned herself into Bloody August. Childman blamed himself for the tragedy that befell his former student, rightly suspecting that he was responsible for her downward spiral; he secretly worked towards the goal of returning her to her former state, but all he could do was swap places with her. His body is destroyed as Azalie tries to free him from Bloody August's form. Once Orphen reverts Bloody August back to Azalie's body, he implants Childman into her uterus using the power of the Sword of Baltanders.

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. 1.0 1.1 Temporarily in Bloody August's body.
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