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Childman Powderfield (チャイルドマン・パウダーフィールド, Chairudoman Paudāfīrudo) is a character in the Sorcerous Stabber Orphen series. Childman is a famous black sorcerer and was once considered the strongest at the Tower of Fangs. He was the original master of Krylancelo, Azalie, Leticia, Forte and all the others that formed the Childman Class, the strongest group of sorcerers at the school.



As a result of experiments between Childman and Azalie, it is beleived that Azalie is transformed into the Bloody August. Childman leads several missions to destroy the Bloody August and eventually succeeds. However, it was revealed that Azalie used White Sorcery to transfer her soul into his body, trapping him in the Bloody August. Then she destroyed the Bloody August, killing Childman.

Afterward, Orphen revealed to Azalie that Childman allowed his body to be taken in order to save Azalie. He went to see her alone and thats when she transferred bodies. Then it was her who lead the missions to destroy Childman at all costs to cover her tracks, believing Childman truly wanted her dead. Following his disappearance, Childman's influence continues to affect the Tower of Fangs.