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The Bracelet of Nozafromis is one of three relics in the Sorcerous Stabber Orphen anime. It has the ability to amplify the wearer's magic.

Prior to the series, Azalie and Krylancelo were sent to the Ruins of Baltanders to retrieve the relics for the Tower of Fang. They were only able to find the Sword of Baltanders and the Bracelet of Nozafromis. They left with the sword, but not before Azalie hid the bracelet behind a plaque in the base of the statue, telling Krylancelo that it "may save someone close to you or me."

In the anime, Orphen returns to the Ruins of Baltanders and uses the bracelet in an attempt to bind Azalie (now Bloody August). The binding spell fails, and the bracelet does not see much use again until the last two episodes, where it is combined with the Sword of Baltanders and the Jewel of Gigabrious to form the complete Sword of Baltanders.

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