Bloody August
Bloody August
Name Bloody August
Alias Azalie Cait
Childman Powderfield
Gender Unknown
Height -
Weight -
Race Dragon
Blood Green
Status Deceased1
Notes 1 Reverted back to Azalie's body.

Bloody August is Azalie Cait transformed into a dragon. During her quest to become the most powerful sorcerer, she turned to forbidden magic and tested the Sword of Baltanders on herself. The magic of the sword transformed her into a giant dragon. Shocked by the transformation, she flew away. Years later, the presence of the Dragon in August would lend the dragon her infamous name: "Bloody August". The elders abandoned her for dead and sent out the best sorcerers in the Tower to dispatch the dragon. Childman (Azalie and Krylancelo's master) was himself charged with destroying the dragon.