The Ruins of Baltanders have three relics that form the complete Sword of Baltanders: the Jewel of Gigabrious, the Bracelet of Nozafromis, and the Sword of Baltanders. Six years before the series starts, Azalie and Krylancelo were sent to the Ruins of Baltanders to retrieve the relics for the Tower of Fang. The only relics they found during their mission were the Bracelet of Nozafromis and the Sword of Baltanders. Azalie and Krylancelo took only the sword with them, hiding the bracelet in the base of the statue within the ruins.

During the series, Orphen returns to the ruins with Majic and Cleao and uses the bracelet to bind Azalie (now Bloody August), but fails.

It is later revealed that Childman was in possession of the Jewel of Gigabrious, having taken it from the ruins some time before Azalie and Krylancelo's expedition.

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