Bajirikokku fort, was a fort located where currently the city of Alenhatan stands. 


A thousand years ago, one of the three Godess' sent the magical beast bajirikokku to attack the stragetial Heavenly Beings base. The fight against bajirikokku was extremely fierce, and it resulted in the entire above ground parts of the fort being destroyed. After the battle, on the site of the old fort, the city of Alenhatan was built.

200 years ago during the era which Sorcerers were hunted, it was used as a stronghold for the Heavenly Beings. Towards the end of the war, all the Heavenly Beings were gone. With the exception of Sister Isutashiba who remained in the fort. Deep inside the fort lays the graveyard, which also houses 1000 Killing Dolls and megalithic infantry(Golems).  


The underground sewers of Alenhatan City connect to the ruins of the fort. The internal layout of the fort was designed to mimic the biological structure of a creature, with each part of the fort being named after parts of the body. The head, the tail and so on.

As to not run out of air if the fort was buried, magical characters were carved into the walls to create oxgyen. In addition, the top of the fort is covered with a magical barrier, to protect from attacks and to prevent the water of the canal from leaking into the fort.

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