Azalie Cait
Azalie - Human
Name Azalie Cait
Alias Bloody August
The Demon Sorceress
Gender Female, Male1
Height 5'5"
Weight 123,5lb
Race Human/Dragon2, Sorcerer
Blood Type AB
Status Alive
Notes 1 Male when in Childman's body.
2 Normal human, but turns into a dragon.

Azalie Cait, like Orphen, is an orphan. The two of them grew up together and as children traveled to the Tower of Fang to learn to be sorcerers. Over time, her lust for power caused her to use the Sword of Baltanders on herself, turning her into Bloody August.


Her early childhood is unknown, but Azalie grew up as an orphan filling the role of both sister and mother to her foster brother Krylancelo. It was her dream since she was a child to become a sorcerer, so one day she and Krylancelo set out to the Tower of Fang. On the outskirts of the Tower's territory, she stopped to warm up a cold and crying Krylancelo. Childman witnessed this and used his magic to make them both warm before taking them in.

While at the Tower of Fang, she spent all of her time and energy studying magic under Childman and striving to be a powerful sorcerer. Training day after day under Childman, she eventually fell in love with him. He rejected her which devastated her and caused her to delve deeper and deeper into her studies.

Soon afterwards, she began to obsess over gaining ultimate power and began experimenting with forbidden magic in order to surpass the man who had rejected her love. She attempted to use the Sword of Baltanders to give herself immense power, but it backfired and turned her into Bloody August.


When filling the role of a sister and a mother to Krylancelo, she is kind, caring, and protective.

However, Childman's rejection of her love scars her deeply, bringing out a darker side of her personality. She becomes a cold, calculating sorcerer who will stop at nothing to achieve her goals. She sneaks around her friends to experiment with forbidden magic and turns herself into Bloody August. As Bloody August, she goes on a rampage and destroys whole cities.

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