Alenhatan City is a city located on the western part of the Kiesaruhima continent, it is also one of the four largest cities on the continent.

Summary Edit

Alenhatan City is one of the largest out of four cities on the Kiesaruhima continent, it was an ancient historic capital and is called "a city of water and people" and "the city of canals". When the Heavenly Beings ruled the continent it was their capitol, now it mostly serves as a tourist city, with hundreds of thousands of tourists visiting the city each year. Out of the total population of the city, 30 percent is tourists. As indicated by the name "city of canals" multiple canals flow through the city, the biggest one goes through the center of the city. The waterways of the city also hold numerous merchant and trading ships, which bring additional income and trade to the local authorities.

Approximately half of the total area of the city is covered with the ruins of the Heavenly Beings. These buildings hold a high cultural and material value, for it's buildings hold much history. So much that many researchers and students study the city from their "Academic town" inside the city. Also, many statues of the dragon race are seen throughout the city. Therefore, the dragon faith regard Alenhatan as their "holy land".

In the center of the city,



It is located in the southwest coastal area of the Kiesaruhima continent. South of the city is Totokanta, which is about two weeks away if you travel by horse drawn cart. To the north is the Fenrir Forest, 


Law and OrderEdit

Since the Dragon Faith is very strong in the city, there is a deep rooted hatred and prejudice against sorcerers because of the age during which they hunted sorcerers. Therefore, it's said that it is difficult for sorcerers to live in the city.


Tourists that want to enter the city have to wait a very long time, because it takes a while to search everyone before they are allowed to enter. This creates a long line of people that wait outside the main entrance to the city.

Main FacilitiesEdit

  • Alliance of Sorcerers Alenhatan Branch